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November 18, 2008

Post: garnering hugely increased media mentions, particularly over the last U.S. election cycle. (See for specific stats.)

Stormfront is the largest, most active White Nationalist web forum and has been a leader in the movement for years. Headed by Don Black, it relies on a network of contributors and financial benefactors to keep the site on track and ahead of those who would surveill, or block, crash and spam the site or its members.

”]Return to Stormfront White Pride World Wide Main PageMr. Black’s professionalism and devotion to maintaining the integrity of an at times unruly, crowded, ideologically disparate forum and online community has ensured its continuity over a decade and counting, and its clear emergence – recently acknowledged en masse by the media – as the leading facilitator on the Web of white nationalism and related sentiment.

For graphical view of Stormfront’s increasing popularity in recent times, see “Stormfront Statistics” at

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