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August 7, 2009, the white nationalist web forum, provides this chart showing it’s growth in the past year. It’s interesting to see the spike in visitors during the month of November, 2008…

Here are statistics provided by Stormfront’s founder and webmaster Don Black:

Many are regulars, many are just curious or sometimes even hostile, but many others are new people seriously looking for answers.

Access is and will remain completely free of charge…

Stormfront first went online as a private dial-in bulletin board in 1990, primarily to allow a few members of the David Duke for Senate Campaign to keep in touch. It went public in 1994, though still attracting only a handful of visitors. Then, in March 1995, it exploded as the first White Nationalist Internet website. On its second day, with no paid advertising, it attracted 1700 visitors.

Now we regularly get 50,000 or more daily visitors to our entire website, which includes many popular pages outside the board. With this growth has come a much greater burden. Whether lawsuits, illegal denial of service attacks, or just the mundane technical problems associated with maintaining a busy website, Stormfront long ago became bigger than any one man could support.

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  1. September 2, 2009 9:31 am

    Has it been down this week? I can’t get onto the first page, much less login.

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