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September 6, 2009

Letter to Seattle Times columnist D. Westneat’s column from 9/6/09, “Government Actually Had a ‘Best Idea’ “.

(Danny Westneat. “Government Actually Had a ‘Best Idea’.” Seattle Times 6 Sept. 2009: B1, B4)


date Sun, Sep 6, 2009 8:50 am
subject “Hobbit Glade”


Mr. Westneat,


I share your awe and wonder at a ‘hobbit glade’ in Mt. Rainier National Park. The natural beauty of our region is both a blessing and a burden we are tasked with preserving for future generations. However I found it distasteful to employ such places of natural beauty in your argument for something manmade like federal government health care legislation. The comparison is distasteful if not downright offensive. You’re comparing two entirely different things; apples and oranges; it’s a logical fallacy and I think you know it. 


Mt. Rainier National Park is a creation of millions of years of natural evolution. That it may very well not exist today in such pristine condition were it not for federal government intrusions many decades ago is inarguable. But your analogy that the National Parks too were initially opposed by “howling” voices like the ones now opposing federal “health care” – is a false one. No one opposes natural beauty. These are god-given things that have existed long before before humans came to Washington state and will likely outlast us.


I follow your column in the Times and to drag your daughter into the argument (“I hope my daughter remembers our little hike”) is well and good but it is a cheap tactic. I hope you and your daughter remember your hike too, but don’t thank the federal government and some long dead legislator for your and her visit, thank nature and our god-given green earth. Honestly, why drag that in with federal “Health-Care” legislation?


Yours Truly, 




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