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October 31, 2009

LIBERTY BELLE / Seattle Action Network:

An Email Reply

Dear Liberty Belle,


I’m writing to commend your and Seattle Action Network’s tireless work on helping to expose and assist in opposing the Health-Care Reform legislation in the U.S. Congress. Major props!

Your weekly emails always provide the necessary info, links, times, dates, phone #s and fax #s, for people like me who’d not otherwise have much of an in on what’s going on in the development and debate of the legislation. Timing is everything – when these Congressional bills are being decided upon, etc. – and you realize this. The information you pass on is vital and you are a true patriot for notifying all of us on your email list.

[Below: Excerpt from Liberty Belle/Seattle Action Network weekly newsletter, 10/30/09]

The Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty:
A Seattle Action Network

Are you ready? Pelosi has just released the House version of the health care DEform bill and it is 1,990 pages long. The Senate and House bills both include a public option and an individual mandate to force Americans to buy their pre-approved health plans. The cost? Trillions of dollars we don’t have.The following events and campaigns are ways that you can get involved and make a difference. We have to fight this thing and we have to fight it now. Please look through all of the events and click on the links provided for more information. Some are events you can attend in person and others are things you can do from home. Events are listed by date.

Every Day – A daily action plan
What: Calling and faxing specific, targeted members of Congress every day. Representative Michele Bachmann has said that if we all called congress every day we could make the difference. And you only need to call three per day.
Time: Whenever you can!
Where: Anywhere!
More info: You must click on these links to find the daily actions plans. and

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate it very much!

I was one of the guys holding up signs with folks outside the Senators’ office building downtown a couple months ago. I met you and we chatted with some other folks for a few minutes. So I’m privileged to say I can count Liberty Belle as an acquaintance!!!

I wanted to share some thoughts; observations:

After reading another of your well-researched and timely bulletins, I’m wondering if any of this emailing/calling/faxing of congressmen really will make a difference. Perhaps it does but it’s a drop-in-the-bucket when you’re an outsider; an average American who is not a “special interest” and can’t make more than a peep on the radar screen.

There has been so much vocal opposition to the Obama/Democrat agenda through the summer and now heading toward 2010 that – and maybe I’m mistaken – it seems that the opposition is not really getting anywhere. I haven’t seen our tactics change significantly, while the Democrats’ and the Left’s have – they’ve been VERY conniving as to the timing and their subtle use of the media and beyond to edge their despicable designs closer and closer to law.

So here’s a logical question:

When do we stop earnestly emailing, calling, faxing, blogging; and do something more “active”? We’ve had a number of wonderful demonstrations – the 9/12 rally comes to mind – and yet here we are, Pelosi’s still up to the same, as is the Obama administration. They’ve only throttled it up a few gears, while we, the American people, for the most part sit idly by, hoping our representatives in Washington might do something.

Frankly, I’m sick of waiting and I’m sick of emailing and all of this. Again, in my opinion it’s a drop-in-the-bucket. IF that.

You’ve let us in on some of the rallies to attend, and that’s great.

But after all your and others’ efforts over the summer, the votes are not there in Congress to oppose the Health DEform bill (I like that play on the word) and the other abominations coming out of the Dem-Congress.


What’s left to do?

I’m just left pondering what has become of our political system and of course, I, like millions of Americans – all of us are pondering with trepidation what might become of our country if they succeed.

So what kind of organizing, what kind of action, will be necessary?

What is it going to take to really make a difference; to really force the state-controlled media or even local media to pay attention this insane orgy of $trillions in spending that we don’t have? So this is what I wanted to run by you. Food for thought.

An oft-quoted passage from the Constitution states that America, Americans, are obligated to defend the Republic from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

What does the truth of this statement mean for the citizenry? When do we take this to heart?


Yours Truly

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