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Those powers not delegated…

February 15, 2010

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10th Amendment Pledge

The 10th Amendment Movement is gathering steam across the country, as we speak, from Massachusetts to Washington to Texas. Combining  with our already independent Pacific-Northwest spirit, The State Sovereignty Movement heralds a new approach to the issue of “powers not delegated”, and the current sad state of corruption and un-Constitutionality of the federal government.

The social-networking complexion of today’s web environment fosters a unique opportunity for linking up with the manifold sites, all working together from a hub-like “cloud”.

Just two or three years ago, I put up a largely personal blog called Northwest Migration, having to do with the not well known “Cascadia Independence Movement”. Today we see a political expression of this very same movement in the vast and growing state sovereignty efforts…how far we have come! It is an exciting time in America. An unnerving time because of the contentiousness of politics, but an exciting time, with potential for positive and lasting change.

The organization Freedom Initiatives has, along with WA State Sovereignty: Citizens for House Joint Memorial 4009, the Washington Patriot Hub, and many others, have taken the Constitutional principles you can read about at and are laying the groudwork for a grassroots push that is only getting into gear. Freedom Initiatives has eight initiatives meant for referendum vote. They have just been released and petition gathering will soon begin to get them on the ballot in Washington and Idaho.

Here are the current eight (as worded on February 14, 2010):

Initiative 1059: Right to Protection Act

This measure would prohibit governmental restriction of firearm rights and tracking of firearms; provide self-defense and privacy rights for citizens, except when committing crimes; and declare federal laws inconsistent with this measure invalid.

Initiative 1060: State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act

This measure would direct the state to deposit certain federal taxes in the state treasury, distribute them based upon legislative determinations of the constitutionality of federal actions, and bar their direct federal collection.

Initiative 1061: Sheriff First Act

This measure would authorize sheriffs to prohibit federal employees from making arrests, searches, or seizures; require attorney general permission if the federal action is against the sheriff’s employees; and require prosecution of violators.

Initiative 1062: Firearms Freedom Act

This measure would declare exempt from all federal regulation certain personal firearms, “firearm accessories,” and ammunition that are manufactured in Washington without significant parts imported from another state, and that remain in Washington.

Initiative 1063: Health Care Freedom Act

This measure would prohibit compelling healthcare system participation, penalizing direct healthcare payments, or enacting laws or rules prohibiting purchase of private healthcare insurance, and would declare federal laws inconsistent with this measure invalid.

Initiative 1064: Constitutional Government Act

This measure would call for state, federal, and local laws and rules to cite and explain constitutional authority for laws and rules, and limit laws and rules based on the cited constitutional authorization.

Initiative 1065: Act Prohibiting Regulation of Nontoxic Greenhouse Gases

This measure would prohibit state and local government from taxing or regulating greenhouse gases; declare federal laws inconsistent with these prohibitions are invalid; and establish penalties for enforcing laws inconsistent with these prohibitions.

Initiative 1066: Health Insurer Freedom Act

This measure would declare federal laws invalid in Washington that directly regulate, or potentially indirectly regulate, health care in specified ways; and declare criminal and civil penalties for enforcing such invalidated federal laws.

I can guarantee we will be hearing a lot more about this movement in the coming months and years!

– dw

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