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George Lincoln Rockwell

January 30, 2012

From Blood in the Face, the ’91 White Nationalist documentary by Michael Moore):

from "Blood in the Face" (1991)

Michigan United States NSDAP members.

“We’ll be at the forefront of the fight.”

M.Moore: Doing what?

Hopefully smashing the skulls of…Communists, or executing race traitors…”

M.Moore: When do you think this will happen?

“As soon as the nigger starts to make his move and as soon as the economy the that the Jews built up falls apart.”

M.Moore: How far away are we from that?

“I would say another 25, 30 years.”

M.Moore: And you’ll be around to do the work?

“Possibly not us ourselves, but the spirit and the ideas that we represent. In fact, George Lincoln Rockwell raised the

banner in the ’50s…” [see also

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